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English assignment

I.Enriching vocabulary

1.A customs union is an organization of autonomous countries.

The word autonomous in the sentence is closest in meaning to …

a) massive

b) acclaimed

c) prosperous

d) independent

2. Until the late nineteenth century all rubber was extracted haphazardly from trees found in the jungles of South America.

The word haphazardly in the sentence is closest in meaning to

a) carelessly

b) secretly

c) constantly

d) dangerously

3.Some animals’ coloration uses bold, disruptive markings to scare predators.

The word disruptive in this sentence is closest in meaning to

a) disturbing

b) distinctive

c) brilliant

d) unfavorable

4. Fans are used to circulate air in rooms and buildings. Even though air circulated by a fan is comforting, no fan actually cools the air.

The word actually in this sentence is closest in meaning to

a) legitimately

b) factually

c) truly

d) essentially

5. For women in the 1920s, freedom in dress reflected their new freedom to take up careers. A revolutionary changes closest in meaning affected the types of clothes worn by most women. For example, trousers became acceptable attire for almost all activities.

The word acceptable in the passage is closest in meaning to

a) usable

b) endurable

c) believable

d) permissible

II.Reading comprehension

By Heart (անգիր)

Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end. In many ways, this is unfortunate for the poor actors who are required to go on repeating the same lines night after night. One would expect them to know their parts by heart and never have cause to falter. Yet this is not always the case.

A famous actor in a highly successful play was once cast in the role of an aristocrat who had been imprisoned in the Bastille for twenty years. In the last act, a jailer (բանտապահ) would always come on to the stage with a letter which he would hand to the prisoner. Even though the noble was expected to read the letter at each performance, he always insisted that it should be written out in full.

One night, the jailer decided to play a joke on his colleague to find out if, after so many performances, he had managed to learn the contents of the letter by heart. The curtain went up on the final act of the play and revealed the aristocrat sitting alone behind bars in his dark cell. Just then the jailer appeared with the precious letter in his hands. He entered the cell and presented the letter to the aristocrat. But the copy he gave him had not been written out in full as usual. It was simply a blank sheet of paper. The jailer looked on eagerly, anxious to see if his fellow actor had learnt his lines by heart. The noble stared at the blank sheet of paper for a few seconds. Then, squinting his eyes, he said: “The light is dim. Read the letter to me.” And he promptly handed the sheet of paper to the jailer. Finding that he could not remember a word of the letter either, the jailer replied: “The light is indeed dim, sir. I must get my glasses.” With this, he hurried off the stage. Much to the aristocrat’s amusement, the jailer returned a few moments later with a pair of glasses and the usual copy of the letter which he proceeded to read to the prisoner.

Choose the right answer

1.Why are actors in some ways unfortunate?

a) They have to remember very long texts by heart.

b) They get bored by repeating the same lines night after night.

c) They are paid less than engineers.

2. The prisoner always insisted thathe letter be written on the sheet of paper because

a) he didn’t want to learn the contents of the letter by heart.

b) he wanted everything to be real on the stage.

c) the spectators could see that it was only a blank sheet of paper.

3. Why did the jailer bring a blank sheet of paper instead of the letter?

a) He didn’t do it on purpose. He had simply been mistaken.

b) He did it on purpose because he didn’t like the famous actor.

c) He simply wanted to make sure that the famous actor knew his part by heart.

III. Complete the following sentences

  1. If you were in my position, what would you do?
  2. If I do it , I will let you know.
  3. I would follow that advice if I were you.
  4. I would have passed the exam if I studied better.
  5. I am not looking forward to going out tonight.
  6. Instead of staying in bed you should see a doctor.
  7. Don’t you think this room needs cleaning up?
  8. You should avoid crowded places.
  9. You should give up smoking.
  10. Before going to bed I always wash my teeth.
  11. Not only I enjoy watching movies but also attending theater.
  12. Never give up on your dreams.
  13. You had better start working out.
  14. I would rather go on a walk instead of taking a taxi.
  15. No sooner had I woken up at 7 than I realized it’s Sunday.
  16. Hardly know what I’m doing.
  17. Only then I noticed my mistakes.
  18. Whatever you do you can’t fail.
  19. I would rather you to come with me to lunch than anyone else.
  20. He wondered why he keeps failing his class.

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