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Hometask:ex.2/c,3/a,page 83

2. c) The pills that are used here cost a lot of money! The nurse who saw me was very nice. That’s the office where my my mother used to work. There’s a girl in my class who gets terrible headaches. My grandparents can remember the days when almost nobody travelled by plane. I knowContinue reading “Hometask:ex.2/c,3/a,page 83”

Hometask:ex.9/b,page 78,ex.10/a,b,page 79

9. b) Debbie thinks it must be great to be able to play an instrument. – T Pete would like to learn how to play the guitar. – F Joel thinks Eric Clapton is not a great guitarist. – F Joel tells Debbie to download some songs from the internet. – F Joel thinks youContinue reading “Hometask:ex.9/b,page 78,ex.10/a,b,page 79”

Hometask:ex.4/b,c,page 76

4․ b) She’s written three letters this afternoon. I’ve read this page four times and I still don’t understand it all! He’s in the hospital, because he’s had an accident. Ouch! I’ve cut my finger! My mother’s making sandwiches – she’s been cutting bread all morning. Great news! You’ve won the competition! James has knownContinue reading “Hometask:ex.4/b,c,page 76”

My achievements and difficulties during the year

My achievements during the year are a little different than other students, because I have been away from this country for almost 5 years and have returned back about 2 years ago. My difficulty, since I have came back, was to learn the language all over again and catch up to all the lessons andContinue reading “My achievements and difficulties during the year”

Hometask:answer the questions /discussion box/page 73

1 In my personal opinion, no, I wouldn’t want to be as talented as Abigail. The reason for that, is the feeling if being different from everyone else. I don’t like to stand out from everyone else. I like like being ordinary, just like the rest. Being 3 years younger than everyone else around youContinue reading “Hometask:answer the questions /discussion box/page 73”

Hometask:ex.8/b,page 64, ex.9/a,b,page 65

8. b Joel doesn’t think very highly of his math skills. Joel is grateful, because Pete offered to help him with math. Pete thinks Joel’s room is very messy. Pete doesn’t really believe that Joel finds the things he needs quickly. 9. a 1) There’s no point in trying to do this. -Joel Իմաստ չունիContinue reading “Hometask:ex.8/b,page 64, ex.9/a,b,page 65”

Hometask:ex.8/c,page 58

8. c Read the text again and match the words or phrases with their definitions. threaten-likely to cause harm or damage to someone or something uninhabitable-cannot be lived in rising-getting bigger or getting higher rough-not smooth; violent refuse-say that you will not do or accept somthing source-the place something comes from or starts at tiny-veryContinue reading “Hometask:ex.8/c,page 58”