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Creative task

A well-balanced state keeps our world and life in order. Nature is kept in balance by the laws of nature: the law of gravitation, the law of preserving energy, the law of rejecting vacuum, and so on. And if on our planet any physical object is unbalanced, the laws of nature immediately bring it to the state of balance. For example, if we throw a stone high up into the air, the force of gravitation will bring it back to the ground, and rolling for a while, it will stand still and well balanced.

Life on our planet physically would be impossible without the nature laws established on it.

On the other hand, Man has established his own laws of coexistence. These laws are supposed to keep our souls in the state of balance, and to my mind, Love is the most effective impulse for doing it: Love towards our parents and close relations and even towards strangers, Love towards our beloved one, Love towards our occupation, Love towards our home-town and country. However, people very often don’t realize this simple truth and occasionally become negative impulses for unbalancing the souls of others. For example, a scene in a market for fruit and vegetables in Yerevan:

“How much are these oranges?”

“800 drams a kilo.” (nearly 2 $)

“What?, 800 drams for these juiceless, rotten oranges?”

At this point, both the seller and the buyer are upset, nervous and depressed. They are in a stressful situation. Their souls are unbalanced. If time travel were possible I would get them back and conduct the conversation in this way:

“How much are these oranges?”

“800 drams a kilo.”

“ What? 800 drams a kilo? Then they must be very juicy, tasty and sweet. But would you cut down the price a little?”

“ Sure..”

Now both the buyer and the seller are full of positive impulses and, therefore, are trying to please each other. They are full of love and respect and are ready to transfer it to other people needing love and respect.

What great things in our life would have been done if people had loved and respected the importance of one another a little more! Politicians would have loosened the tension on the hot spots on our planet; charity-mongers wouldn’t have advertised every tea-kettle in nursery homes; every child would have been brought up in a loving family atmosphere.

When in the 1960s the famous Armenian actor Mher Mkrtchyan was being shot in the film “Aibolit 66” in India, there happened something which might be a sort of lesson for selfish, proud, self-conceited, self-centered and arrogant people. Mher Mkrtchyan was coming back to the hotel very tired after a day of hard work. The shooting of the film had taken place in a swamp area. So he was tired and decided to take a taxi. Most of the taxis in that city were rickshaws then. (a two-wheeled oriental man pulled carriage)  Mher Mkrtchyan’s rickshaw was being pulled by a thin pale boy of sixteen. The weak boy could hardly pull the rickshaw. Despite his overwhelming efforts the little boy every now and then turned his head back and smiled to Mher Mkrtchyan. Mher couldn’t stand it any longer. He was feeling discomfort. And he wouldn’t have been our favorite Mher if he hadn’t restored the state of his love balance. Suddenly he stopped the rickshaw, got off it, took the boy in his arms, put him on the seat of the carriage, and began pulling the rickshaw himself. He was pulling the rickshaw and every now and then was turning his head back and smiling to the pleasantly astonished pale boy. Our Mher was happy again. His soul was in triumph; it was balanced in love: a natural state of being for our great actor.

Summary of the text and my opinion

The world we live in is fascinating with the rules of its nature. Our nature has been designed in such a way, that just one word, such as gravitation, contains an important key in humans’ life and ongoing existence.

Humans themselves create balance with love and kindness. Some people distort that balance, by being rude, impolite, and mean. The text talks about a conversation at a market, where the buyer was shocked at how high the price of the oranges was. Instead of trying to negotiate which he should have done, he spoke his mind out, without thinking about how the seller could get upset at what he said. We should be careful and more thoughtful with how we speak to others.

Spreading love and kindness towards others, it doesn’t have to be with people you necessarily know, can brighten their day. Politicians and politics themselves cause a lot of people to become sad. They should make decisions reasonably, and make children happy and filled with love. Others need money and cannot afford food for their families. It would bring balance and peace to the ones that need help if only politicians would bring even a little help to those in need.

The text then tells us a little story, of how our famous actor Mher Mkrtchyan, restored balance and love in our humanity. It talks about how he finished an exhausting day at work, decided to take a taxi which was a rickshaw, and saw that the person pulling his rickshaw was a pale young boy. Mher noticed that while the weak pale boy was dragging the rickshaw, he turned and smiles at him. Mher was a kindhearted man, who couldn’t let the young boy continue taking him any longer, so he got up, put the boy on the seat of the carriage, and started pulling the boy. He turned and looked at the boy with joy.

The text’s main idea is about balance in our world. Nature has its own unique balance, which we couldn’t live without. People have their own balance. It contains love and kindness. People sustain the balance of spreading love to others, by helping others in need, giving compliments, and spreading joy around others.

I agree with the main idea of the text. In my opinion, people should spread love toward others. Helping people in need is the best thing anyone could do to make someone’s day better. Providing help financially, physically, and even emotionally can help people get through rough situations in life. I think that doing good deeds and spreading love and joy to others is the best way to keep the world we live in happy and surrounded by love.


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