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Is higher education a necessary prerequisite for an individual’s financial success in the future?

Importance of Pursuing Higher Education

Higher education learning is provided by academic institutions that award degree certificates such as universities and colleges. People who acquire tertiary education are better placed to get well-paying jobs in the job market and develop a distinctive career path. They are also more likely to develop deep critical and reasoning skills that will be assets to their personal growth. Quality of education varies from one university to another depending on the coursework and methodology of teaching; thus it is essential to consider your options and what you want to be before settling on one.

As much as some young people usually know what career path they want to take after graduating from high school, most of them are typically unsure of their course and that is entirely okay. Higher education is there to put this into a clearer perspective. They offer you the environment to explore your options and settle on something that intrigues you.

Studies have shown that acquiring a higher education increases your lifespan in that it equips you with the ability to make better life choices, make healthier choices and have better access to healthcare, economic stability, and financial security. Moreover, as you gain more experience in your desired field, you can get maximum job satisfaction which is a crucial element of mental health. source

Reasons Why Higher Education Is Important

1. The Obvious Let’s start with the obvious — there is a serious wage gap between those with and without a degree. And that gap is projected to grow. In fact, a collective study by the Center on Education and Georgetown University found that people who hold a bachelor’s degree and work full-time earn 84% more in their lifetime than those with a high school diploma.

2. The Future and AI- The job market is changing dramatically to match the growth of artificial intelligence. As technology becomes smarter and more sophisticated, companies can filter out certain roles in favor of automation. This means that jobs are changing. Roles that used to rely on human interaction are being replaced with artificial intelligence.

3. A Well-Rounded DynamoIt’s not enough to have a degree in engineering or math. Employers want their candidates to be well-spoken with strong proficiencies in communication and writing. They want employees who can deliver on their chosen disciplines, while also presenting impeccable soft skill knowledge. They want to see an engineer who has taken a couple of years of French, and they delight in finding a math major who minored in public communications.

4. International EducationThough not always compatible with every degree option, most schools with strong abroad programs are flexible in helping students pursue international study. We could dedicate a whole article to the benefits of studying abroad, but the most important takeaways are increased experience in global education, independence, language proficiency, and cross-cultural learning excursions that enhance classroom instruction.

5. Learning How to ThinkHigher education isn’t just about earning a degree. If we step back and examine what a college experience entails, we can see that it is more than just attending classes and taking exams. In fact, higher education is about learning new ways of thinking and acquiring problem-solving skills. source

My Opinion on Higher Education

In my opinion, getting high education is a must. Here are some of the reasons why I support this idea. I think that continuing your education through college and university is very important since it gives you an upper hand in life. It helps you be more educated and it gives you more opportunities to have a better job later on and a good living. It also helps to educate your kids for a better life and a good future.

On the other hand, education is not affordable for all learners, and for that reason, many intelligent people aren’t able to get higher education instead they take any jobs available just to survive in life or take care of their families. Others complain that colleges and universities don’t teach them survival skills: how to make money and how to manage their expenses, time management, and responsibilities. Some people get lucky by getting support and advice from their teachers and mentors on what career path to choose and how to be successful in life and how to be happy with the passion they’re following. Some follow the suggestions and become good specialists just by taking short courses which don’t require a lot of money but are still good jobs: hairstylists, photographers, makeup artists, computer classes, etc.

   There are lots of ways to get higher education, to be accomplished. One might attend university, but still not be well educated. It is really important to study well in any path you take to get higher education. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to get free education abroad nowadays. It just requires ahead of planning while you are still in school figuring out your career path, doing research, and some study to achieve your dreams and get higher education and have a better living.


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