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English Task

I. Do you know what paraphrasing (վերափոխում) is? It is rephrasing a text by replacing words that are similar in meaning or using similar sentence structures with words that are synonyms to the words in the original sentence. Paraphrasing is very often used by students, bloggers, and writers when they don’t want others to know that they have copied an idea from a book or article.

For example, let’s paraphrase these sentences.

The original sentence: I got this instrument without paying for it.

The paraphrased sentence: I got this tool free of charge.

Another example: These results support the claim that musical talent is inherited – many children have some talent, but few are exceptionally talented.

The paraphrased sentence: These results show that children acquire their musical capabilities from their parents. Many children have some talent, but very few are especially gifted.

Task I Paraphrase these sentences

Mistakes should be eliminated before you hand in your term paper. – Correct any errors before submitting your term paper.

Cavelike dwellings have been preserved near the town of Goris. – Near the town of Goris, cavelike homes have been preserved.

Some countries pursue destructive foreign policy. – Some nations engage in damaging international relations.

The history teacher emphasized some aspects of that historical period. – Some features of that historical era were highlighted by the history teacher.

The solution to the problem was actually quite elementary. – The answer to the issue was actually fairly simple.

Our government sometimes exaggerates the success of its programs. – Sometimes, our government exaggerates the accomplishments of its initiatives.

Fake news and stories are prevalent on Facebook. – On Facebook, fake news and articles are common.

Smoking is hazardous to health. – Smoking poses a health risk.

This dramatic film captures the imagination of millions of teenagers. – Millions of teens had their imaginations captured by this gripping movie.

We got lost in the forest, and it was a terrifying experience. – The experience of getting lost in the woods was terrible.

Our school principal usually speaks briefly. – The head of our school normally says only a few words.

Sometimes young artists avoid exhibiting their paintings. – Young painters occasionally choose not to exhibit their works.

When people impulsively insult one another by saying rude things, they regret doing that later. – People regret their actions afterwards when they impulsively insult one another by using crude language.

During the pandemic people sometimes have to live in isolation. – People may have to live in seclusion during the pandemic.

It is indisputably clear that you should send your response before the mentioned deadline. – It goes without saying that you must submit your response by the deadline.

II. Have you chosen the theme of your research work? What is it about?

I don’t know if any topics are suggested, but I would be interested in writing about the universe. The theme itself is fascinating to me. It will help me learn more about the universe and come across many interesting facts, theories, and discoveries about it. The universe is a theme with a variety of things to talk about and I will enjoy talking about it very much.

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