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English Assignment

Question 1.

Some people like to have their mobile phones at all times. Other people prefer not to take their mobile phones everywhere they go, or they choose not to own any mobile phone at all.

Which do you prefer? Explain why.

I use my phone very often, sometimes I think I don’t even need it that much, but when I try to not use it as much I’m not able to. In my opinion people should use mobile phones and mobile devices in general a lot less, because it can worsen your vision, cause addictions and fill your mind with unnecessary information. I think that things like social media and mobile games are mainly the reason why I say this, but if you’re using mobile devices as sources of information, such as the news or to call people, then it is understandable to use it, but besides that it is just a big distraction.

Question 2.

Talk about a time when a friend or family member helped you in the past. Describe how the person helped you. Then explain why his help was so much important to you.

Once I felt very doubtful about myself and started panicking about not being ready on time for the exams and fail them. So, she sat me down and said “There is nothing for you to worry about, you have went to a new country, learned a new language, restarted your entire life, but you didn’t give up and became the best out of all. In only four years you went from not knowing the language to becoming a straight A student. If you really want to succeed in something and if you want to get something done and achieve anything, you will.” She gave me confidence and told me something about myself that I didn’t realize myself. Now instead of worrying, I just do what I do and get things done.

Question 3.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “It is important to remember and learn from the past.”

Yes, because learning from your past mistakes is the most important way of moving forward and learning from it so it doesn’t happen again. I know a similar quote myself, it goes like “Sometimes you have to fall, in order to get up.”

Question 4.

If friends from another country were going to spend a few days in your country, what places of interest would you recommend them to see. Explain why.

If my friend came to spend a few days in my country, I would take them to museums, art galleries, monuments, parks, malls take them shopping, watch a movie at the cinema together and most importantly try Armenian traditional food.

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