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English Assignment


How long have you been studying English?

I have been studying English since I was 7. When I turned 8 my family and I went to America, where I attended a regular public English school and learned the language a lot better and easier. I have lived in the U.S. for 4 years and during that time, English has become my first language.

Do you enjoy learning English or are you learning it because of the coming exam?

I absolutely love English. I enjoy doing English home works, assignments and even exam studies. I watch everything in English, I think in English and speak English pretty well.

Dear students, look at these pictures and talk about your ideas. How are the people in these pictures feeling?

The people in the pictures are feeling happy. In the first photo it looks like the people are having a very good time skiing and are most certainly enjoying their time. In the second photo the two boys seem happy/excited to make something in the kitchen. At last, in the third photo, the band looks like they are enjoying what they are doing, even though you can’t really see the musicians faces, because they re wearing masks, but I still think they are having a good time in the band playing instruments.

In which situation do you think the people benefit most from being together?

Being around with a friend or people you care about makes you feel less alone and make you feel loved and supported.

Now, look at the next pictures.

Describe these pictures. Now compare the first two pictures. In which situation can a student benefit more from studying: when he is alone or when he is discussing the issues with his friends?

The first picture describes a guy who is studying alone in what looks like a library, it also looks like he is doing a lot of work. The other two photos are some what similar. They both describe a group of friends having a good time together, in one picture they are studying together and in the other they are sitting around a campfire. The first and the second picture tell me that working by yourself does pay off and you are getting your work done, but when you do it with a group of friends they can help you out if you get stuck in any questions, give ideas and help you discuss the problems as well as find the solutions together.

Now speak about the third picture, round the campfire. What kind of feelings do the young people experience here? Have you ever sat around the campfire with your friends? When was it and where?

The people around the campfire seem to be happy and enjoying their time with their friends. I have sat around a fake campfire with my classmates back in the U.S. in 6th grade. My teacher had a stuffed campfire, she set it up in the middle of the classroom. My teacher told us the day before to bring marshmallows, all types of chocolate and graham crackers so we could make s’mores. We sat around the campfire and our teacher gave us a topic. We each took turns giving an answer or a opinion on the topic. It helped us communicate with each other better and helped develop out speaking.

Questions to discuss

What might people have to consider when making these decisions?

  • choosing a future profession
  • choosing a friend
  • finding a job
  • moving to another country

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