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English assignment

Reading comprehension

Creative text work – ստեղծագործական աշխատանք տեքստի հետ

Justice was done (from Developing Skills by L.G. Alexander)

The word justice is usually associated with courts (դատարան) of law. We might say that justice has been done when a man’s innocence (անմեղություն) or guilt (մեղք) has been proved beyond doubt (կասկածից վեր). Justice is part of the complex machinery of the law. Those who seek it, undertake an arduous (difficult) journey and can never be sure that they will find it. Judges, however wise or eminent (well-known), are human and can make mistakes.

There are rare instances when justice almost ceases to be an abstract conception. Reward and punishment are sometimes meted out quite independent of human interference. (միջամտություն) At such times, justice acts like a living force. When we use a phrase like “it serves him right”, we are, in part, admitting that a certain set of circumstances has enabled justice to act of its own accord. (գործել սեփական կամքով)

When a thief was caught on the premises (տարածքում) of a large fur store one morning, the shop assistants must have found it impossible to resist the temptation (պետք է, որ անհնար լիներ նրանց համար զսպել գայթակղությունը) to say “it serves him right – տեղն է նրան, կամ՝ ստացավ իր ճիշտ պատիժը”. The shop was an old-fashioned one with many large, disused (չօգտագործվող) fireplaces (բուխարիներ) and tall, narrow chimneys. (ծխնելույզներ) Towards middday, a girl heard a muffled cry coming from behind one of the walls. As the cry was repeated several times, she ran to tell the manager who promptly rang up the fire brigade. The cry had certainly come from one of the chimneys, but as there so many of them, the firemen could not be certain which one of them it was. They located the right chimney by tapping at the walls and listening for the man’s cries. After chipping (ճեղքելուց հետո) through a wall which was eighteen inches thick (one inch is 2,54 centimeters), they found that a man had been trapped (stuck-խցանված լինել) in the chimney. As it was extremely narrow, the man was unable to move, but the firemen were eventually able to free him by cutting a huge hole in the wall. The sorry-looking, blackened figure that emerged, at once admitted that he had tried to break into the shop during the night but had got stuck in the chimney. He had been there for nearly ten hours. Justice had been done even before the man was handed over to the police.

Answer the following questions

Do you think that justice always wins?

I think that justice always somehow finds a way to win. I think this way, because the truth always comes out and bad people get what they deserve eventually. Some might take a while for justice to get to, but it eventually does.

Can you bring an example from your own experience to prove the expression “It serves him right”?

I don’t really have any examples from my own experience, but I can bring an example from several movies that I have seen. In some of the movies the saying` it serves him right, has been said either in the court room by the judge or sometimes by the people around who think that he got what he deserved.

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