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Hometask:ex.4/b,c,page 76

4․ b)

  1. She’s written three letters this afternoon.
  2. I’ve read this page four times and I still don’t understand it all!
  3. He’s in the hospital, because he’s had an accident.
  4. Ouch! I’ve cut my finger!
  5. My mother’s making sandwiches – she’s been cutting bread all morning.
  6. Great news! You’ve won the competition!
  7. James has known his wife since he was a child.
  8. I’ve been reading this book since eight o’clock, and still haven’t finished!

4. c)

  1. I’ve been studying for my test since I got up.
  2. Have you not finished that book yet?
  3. He looks terrible! What did he do all night?
  4. Has that singer made any CDs yet?
  5. I’m sorry, I haven’t started my homework yet.
  6. My brother works really hard when he wants to. He has cleaned four rooms this morning!
  7. It has rained for days – will it ever stop?

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