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English Assignment

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  1. My father bought a new car a week ago.
  2. Our children are playing in the garden at the moment.
  3. Listen! Somebody is singing.
  4. Look! Somebody opened the door.
  5. When I was five, I could run fast.
  6. Peter never goes by bus.
  7. How long has Ann lived in this town.
  8. How often have the business men traveled abroad.
  9. This cat hates drinking fresh water.
  10. Tom’s parents usually go to work by train.
  11. I haven’t finished my work yet.
  12. Have you ever drank whisky.
  13. Jim is going to the cinema tonight.
  14. Julia does not like to get up early.
  15. Samantha has got two bikes.
  16. Our children are already doing their homework.
  17. John’s son has been learning Spanish, since he was 8.
  18. My grandmother has been married for 50 years.
  19. Do you often watch the news?
  20. That man runs regularly.
  21. When Tom woke up, it was raining outside.
  22. While we played the piano, our cat lied inside.
  23. They waited here for 10 minutes.
  24. My family has gotten a car since November.
  25. This boy has gotten a blue car four years ago.
  26. Have you bought some milk yesterday.

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