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79.ա)x+y=10 x-y=4 x=10-y 10-y-y=4 10-2y=4 2y=10-4 2y=6 y=3 x=10—3=7 (x,y)=(7,3)

բ)x+y=21 x-y=9 x+y=21 x=21-y 21-y-y=9 2y=21-9 2y=12 y=6 x=21-6=15 (x,y)=(15,6)

80ա)x=6+y x+y=40 6+y+y=40 6+2y=40 2y=34 y=17 x=6+17=23

բ)x=15+y x+y=23 15+y+y=23 2y=23-15 2y=8 y=4 x=15+4=19

81x=3y x+3y=42 3y+3y=42 6y=42 y=7 x=21

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