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Հանրահաշիվ առաջադրանքներ

90. 4x+2y=36000 2x+3y=14000 (x,y)=(10000, -2000)

91. 5x+10y=70 x+y=10 x=10-y 5(10-x)+10y=70 5y=20 y=4 x=10-4=6

93. x+y=31 x-y=5 x+y=31 x=5+y 5+y+y=31 y=13 x=5+13 x=18

95. x+y=300 100x+50y=20000 100x+100y=30000 100x+50y=200 y=10000/50=200 x=100 y=200

96. 300x+y=20 100x+y=50 (x,y)=(151/200, -51/2)

97, {5x+4y=46 {4x+5y=44

5x+4y=4600 4x+5y=4400 4x=4400-5y x=4400-5y/4 4(4400-5y)/4+4y=4600 22000-25y+16y=18400 9y=22000-18400=3600 y=400 x=5x+4*400=4600 5x=3000; x=600

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